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…and a long one at that. If you’re still subscribed, I applaud your patience. I am determined to get back to this blog so in the meantime here’s a fantasy I wrote last year.

Authors Note: The guy I’m walking in with is the guy who was the first to fuck my arse and showed me what I was capable of.

He opens the door with a smile and beckons us inside. A little taller than you with a slim, well-proportioned body, he guides us down the hall to the living room where she is waiting on one of the sofas, dressed in a light dressing gown showing hints of lace and fishnet. It’s a large open-plan room with two sofas, one three-seater and one two, both able to lay out flat. There’s a large screen tv on one wall, the beginning of a group bi film silently playing and next to one of the sofas is a table with a cloth covering some shapes underneath.

You and I sit together on the two seater sofa while he arranges drinks and we start chatting. He returns to sit next to her laying a hand on her leg as she does likewise to him. The talk starts turning to our experiences, likes, desires and so forth and I put my hand on your thigh and start stroking you as we describe how you broke me in and how it opened my world. As already discussed and agreed, personal stimulants are brought out and as the high hits each of us we sink back, you and I undoing each others belts and buttons as we see him sliding his hand in between her thighs as her gown opens.

I sigh as your hard cock springs free, filling my hand as I feel mine in yours. I look across to see his fingers dipping in and out her shaven cunt as she wanks his cock. As she bends down to take his cock in her mouth, I get up, remove my clothes and kneel down between your legs. I look up into your face as I lick and suck you, watching you looking at them. 

As you lay back, eyes half-closed, I take your cock, licking, sucking, holding your balls, dipping the tip of my tongue in your arsehole. I feel a hand on my backside and briefly look to see both of them right behind me, two pairs of hands exploring my bumhole, balls and cock. He comes up alongside me and together we share your cock, slipping it to one another. As we do this, she slips a finger into my arse and gently finger fucks me as I wank your cock into his mouth while fingering your arsehole.

Pausing briefly to take any remaining clothes off, we lay the sofa flat and she lays back, legs spread apart with you and I kneeling either side of her. She takes a cock in each hand and starts sucking us both while he kneels between her thighs and starts rubbing his cock up and down her cunt. I reach down to stroke him, rubbing his crown into her clit and lips before he slowly presses in and up her cunt. You’re squeezing my balls as she sucks us both and I rub her clit as he fucks her until she starts to shake and orgasm.

He pulls his cock out of her cunt and I shift down to lick her juices off him before lying down on my back. She moves down, straddling my face, my cock pointing up into hers. I start to lick and finger her holes as you and he lie down beside us in the same position. As we all 69, I can see his cock in your mouth, sliding in and out as he facefucks you. I reach over to cup his balls and press the tip of a finger against his arse.

You and he separate and you move between my legs, lifting them up and wide while she continues to suck my cock. You offer yours to her and she gets you all wet and slick before presenting the tip of your cock to my arsehole. I feel you pushing in as she holds my cheeks apart until you’re buried up to the hilt. We pause for a moment as I feel your shaft filling me. As you start to pump me, she starts to bob up and down on my cock. I’m torn between thrusting up into her mouth and bearing down on you so settle for moving back and forth as much as I can. I can feel the tingle beginning but am not ready to come yet so you slowly withdraw. 

After a brief respite to gather our breaths and take another pipe, I have him lie down with her sitting on his cock. You kneel behind her and I take your cock, wanking and licking it, rubbing it against her arsehole, tonguing her slick before pressing you into her. I hold you as you slide in and as you start to fuck her, I move round to their heads where they share my cock as she’s double-fucked. I can just see your cock sliding in and out, the lips of her arse clinging as you move in and out. Looking down I see him taking all my length in his mouth as she cups my balls, pumping my arse with her fingers. Soon, she’s bucking all over as she comes hard and we fall apart all out of breath. 

As we’re resting, she sits back at one end of the sofa facing the three of us, him sitting between us. He takes our semi-hard cocks in his hands, gently massaging and stroking us. Together, we lean in and go to work on his smooth shaft, one sucking his balls while the other licks his crown. Opposite us, she has her legs wide and is rubbing her clit and cunt with a big dildo as she watches us. I want to see him fucking you, so have you get up and straddle him facing away. You sit back so his cock is rising up next to yours and I spend a little time sucking you both, back and forth. You lift up and I put his cock to your arse , holding your cheeks wide as you lower yourself on to him. Your cock swells as he fills you and as his cock glides in and out I start to lick you from your arse, over your balls and up your length before taking your whole cock into my mouth, my hand gently resting against his prick as he fucks you.

Taking her dildo out from her arse, where she has been busily pumping herself, she slides across to lie beside me, our faces inches away from your cock-filled arse. I put your cock in her mouth and move behind her. Without hesitation I push my prick into her cunt, feeling her pushing back eagerly. We start to fuck, her matching my every thrust with a push back of her own. I see you, eyes closed, moving up and down on his prick, as yours fucks her mouth.

That’s it so far. I keep promising my self I’ll finish it sometime.

Published by middleagedbisexual

I'm a 54 year old man who discovered a few years ago that he really is bisexual but has been in a heterosexual relationship for nearly 30 years. Recently I was unfaithful to her when I sex on three occasions with a man. I eventually told her and we nearly split up but are both working to stay together. I'm still struggling with my desires and don't know what I should be doing. I do see a counsellor regularly and this blog is just one way for me to work things out freely and truthfully.

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