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…and a long one at that. If you’re still subscribed, I applaud your patience. I am determined to get back to this blog so in the meantime here’s a fantasy I wrote last year. Authors Note: The guy I’m walking in with is the guy who was the first to fuck my arse and showedContinue reading “Interlude”

Stimulate Me!

Sex and drugs (and rock and roll, if you want to!) I lost my virginity aged 15 with a woman 8 years older. She was a friend of my mother’s and we were attracted to each other almost immediately. We only had sex three times and to be honest, none of it was particularly satisfyingContinue reading “Stimulate Me!”

Je ne regret rien

I was reading through my first post the other day and realised that I had completely forgotten one particular encounter I had in Paris, aged 16. I’d been working at a holiday camp near Lyon for three weeks, the only English speaker amongst 100 french children and adults. I already had a good command ofContinue reading “Je ne regret rien”

The Beginning

I took a cock in my mouth for the first time when I was ten years old. I was at an all-boys boarding school and the other boy was one of my classmates. It was all done consensually in an atmosphere of experimentation and curiosity. We were just learning about our bodies and trying toContinue reading “The Beginning”